If you are buying a system that is motor-driven then it is important to consider the running costs of it along with its purchase price. To just think about purchase cost is not the correct way because you should consider its running costs and the lifetime of the product too. If you do not invest in an efficient motor just to save money then you will end up paying a lot more in energy bills during its operation.

Whether you are considering to buy the ie3 motors Singapore for fans, pumps, conveyors, refrigeration, compressors, cooling, ventilation,  or fluid handling,  the cost of energy associated with a motor is higher compared to its buying cost. But most people consider the purchase cost as the main factor while choosing a motor. You must request energy costs too while buying or getting a quotation for ie3 motor Singapore. If you consider a standard electric motor then it’s running cost would be greater than 25 times the cost of its purchase in just 10 years. Usually, businesses would use the motor for more than that time.

After seeing this analysis you would consider efficiency as the basic concern in this case. If you choose a motor which is at least 20% more efficient than the standard ones then you can save up to 5 times the purchasing cost on your energy bills. Some motors have a system of intelligent motor control that keeps a check on the speed of the motor or switches it off when there is no need to save on energy costs. Any changes or upgrades that you do to the motor to save energy would give you quick returns and allow for saving throughout the motor’s lifetime.

ie3 motor Singapore

When buying an electric motor you should ask yourself:

  • Is there a more efficient motor is available which will use less energy?
  • Can an automated starter or VSD is available for controlling the motor?
  • Do the whole system is been designed for optimizing the energy efficiently?

The significance of the consumption of energy in a motor is compared to its purchased price means is there any way by which the efficiency can be improved so that we will get the repayment of the investment over time. This will also apply to the newly purchased motors. Many of the systems which are operating in business and industry will be benefited from retrofitting for reducing consumption of energy. Never ask how much it will cost to buy instead of asking what will be the cost to run it and how much saving can the motor generate.

With ie3 motors, you can get efficiency that is approved by ECA of government I.e. enhanced capital allowance for buyers of electric motors.