When you think of the word “Utopia” you immediately think of heaven, paradise. Sounds pretty impossible are it not? Well, why not take a peek at https://www.oootopia.com/? Once you take a look at what lies beneath that site, you think of it is a potential for one of the perfect homes you are looking for; one where you will be able to feel the heaven and paradise you wanted.

People are always looking for the right and perfect home but of course, it still all depends on your preference. You may want an apartment in the quiet suburb or a busy city, which all depends on you. The perfect home will be the perfect place and you will find it at the right moment.

Although, what people fail to see is that the perfect home is not just thinking about the what and the where, but also with the who. With everyone all around you (i.e. neighbors) whether you are friends with them or not, it is actually a community.

Typically, the word community is known to be a group of people who have been united to some extent due to the same stories and struggles they face.

Communities involve engagement with one another. Some are not as active as others. You, your neighbors, and even those who just casually stroll about like the maintenance, are all still part of the growing community the person has. And yes, you are still part if you are that grouchy elderly.

Note that, although no man is an island and you are but only two of thousands or more, are not considered a community until you have reached a group of three or more.

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If you are really looking for a friendly neighborhood with parties and gatherings, as well as many personal crafts by the staff and residences, then Oootopia is just the right sugar for you.

And no matter how many people in the community are, everyone is a leader. Everyone is an influence to others, thus making them leaders as well. The more leaders in the community, the better ideas.

Well, if you can believe it or not, making both friends and enemies can be a good thing. There needs to be some sort of conflict. A conflict between communities in one group versus another group. By joining forces it brings the people back to their world.

An important note to remember is that a community who is filled with hope is much stronger than those who are in life for fear.

The oootopian community dwells on your needs and wants.