The mops are used to clean the floor to make it free from dust and microbes. The traditional mop is added with many features to lessen your effort of cleaning the floor. The mop have a handle to hold it with a sponge or foam to make it handy. The other end of the mop have the cloth or material used for cleaning your floor. The cleaning end is made of strings, microfiber or cloth. The mop may have the fixed cleaning end and have to be washed in the bucket after you clean the floor. The mop also have the chance of removing the cloth and ca  be washed separately. The more advanced type of mop have the container for carrying the cleansing solution. It also have the automated spinning action for removing the dirt from your mop after cleaning of your floor. The cleansing end of the mopnado is more effective in removing the dirt in more effective and easy way.


Advantages of using the automated spinning mop:

  • When you use the regular mop for cleaning your floor, there is greater chance to wet your floor with more water than required. Wetting your floor with more water takes lot of time to dry. There is chance of slipping down when the floor is wetted more then it required for removing the dust from your floor.
  • The automated spinning mop will enable the mop to wet to the precise level according to the requirement of water for mopping the floor. Mopping the wooden floors requires very less amount of water than normal flooring. So this automated mop is more useful for the wooden floors.
  • The wooden flooring have to be cleaned with the mop that have the microfiber heads. The automated spinning mop have the two or more microfiber cleaning heads. You can use the mop for eight months. Some mop heads are every suitable for machine wash.
  • The automated spinning mop have two containers. One container have the water with the cleaning liquid dispensed in it. The other container have the drying spin twister. You need to dip your mop in the container that have water and later into the drying spin twister. It will remove the excess water present in the mop.
  • Using the mopnado will lessen your effort of taking the water bucket along with you. The automated mop may also have the wheels under the containers for easy moving of it while you clean your floor.
  • You can easily remove the dirt in the mop while cleaning when you use the automated spinning system of mop. This type of smart devises lessen your effort in doing any work.


Hope you are clear with the use of automated mop for cleaning the floors.