Home maintenance requires immense planning.  Very often you tend to implement many changes at your home. Hanging a photo frame, installing a shelf, changing the tube light and the lamps and several other activities that you perform at home requires power tools.  A person feels handicapped if my power tools are not kept handy.  These days the traditional tool kits which were previously used are replaced by the corded power tool kits as this makes the work easier.

The Power tool kit consists of some of the tools given below:

  1. A drill is a multi-functional power tool. You can find corded drills and cordless drills.  You can conceive that corded drills are better choice as the cordless drills are fragile and it becomes tedious while working on hard surfaces.  While selecting a drill one should ensure that it is light in weight and the grip of it should be comfortable.
  2. Hammer drill is ones best companion for performing several drilling jobs. A specially designed clutch in the hammer drill allows it to twist and clout in and out. It is best used in stone and concrete surfaces.
  3. Reciprocating Saw is majorly used for demolishing purpose. It is an indispensable part of the power tool kit.
  4. Circular saw is an essential power tool as it is used for cutting plywood and other types of wood as well. This also has to be of light weight because working with heavy tools becomes difficult.
  5. The Jigsaw can be used when a person wants to create patterns while cutting wood. Since circular saw cannot be used for cutting curves Jigsaw is a must in the set of power tools.
  6. Sander is an essential power tool. It is certain that most of you would have experienced and seen how sanders leave scratches. The results of orbital sanders are note worthy.
  7. Chop saw is another power tool that should be kept in store with other power tools. Most of the times there is aggressive cutting that has to be executed at home.  It works wonders; it not only cuts wood but also aluminum.  This is awesome and used for intensive cutting.
  8. Cordless nailers are very useful while working on the roof. This is very helpful while framing and moving. The nailer saves a lot of time and makes the work faster.
  9. Angel Drill Drivers offer many benefits for you than the cordless drill drivers. The narrow headed section allows you to drill in the confined spaces with only limited access.
  10. Above all a good quality wet and dry Vacuum cleaner is very imperative. Cleaning up the dust and dirty contaminated water, filtering the air are some chore that can be attend in a timely manner and you can make your surroundings exuberant.

Every tool kit is incomplete without proper accessories.  Nails, screw, wire cutter, wrenches, hammer, different kinds of tape like the electric and the masking tape and other accessories makes a tool kit as a complete power tool kit. Finally, you must ensure that you quality equipment as they are life time investment that you would make.