The summer months are always wonderful time and there is no better period to have fun outdoors than during these months.  To make the summer months very interesting for you and every member of your household, you should not forget to install pergola in your home. There are different types and designs of pergola and a very good example is the louvered pergola. This type of pergola offers more benefit than any other type you have ever come across and you will undoubtedly get good value for your money when you install this type in your home.  In the remaining part of this write-up, you will learn a thing or two about this special type of pergola

Unique features of louvered pergola

This product is relatively new in the market and everyone already using it is getting good value from it.  The product makes pergola even more impressive and ensures it can add more value to your home.  The components for louvered pergola are made in Belgium and shipped to all parts of the world. Despite being beautiful and perfectly befitting your home décor, this type of pergola is very cheap and will not put a hole in your pocket.  As a result, you can beautify your home and prepare the place for the summer months using louvered pergola without putting a hole in your pocket.

louvered pergola

Its makeup

Louvered pergola is made in Belgium by Brustor. The product is made using solid aluminum construction, which makes it very light. The use of aluminum frame also reduces how much heat the pergola will accumulate, which means the interior of the product will be very cool.  The aluminum used is relatively large, which makes the installation truly solid and more durable. The pergola can move easily by a linear motor. The movement can equally be remotely controlled using Somfy remote.  The motor helps move the louvers around so that you can easily adjust the amount of sunlight that enters into the pergola. The louvers can be adjusted from 0 to 135 degree

One of the beauties of the louvered pergola is that it is highly resistant to wind and it will hold its own. Its wind resistance is rated up to 120 km/h.  The standard for of this pergola comes with 4 posts and it also features integrated pole supports, as well as, rain gutters on each of the four sides.  The gutters will catch the rain once the louvers are closed; the rain will then drain into the vertical posts erected on each of the four angles of the pergola.

You can get an even wider coverage from the pergola by attaching multiple installations together side by side. If you like, you can incorporate LED lighting into the louvers and frame to light up the interior.