Steam mops are new to household cleaning and promise an environmentally friendly and non-detergent alternative to traditional mops and buckets. Are these new pendants an extra mass? Will your floors really shine, or will you still need to take out the water and soap?

First off, it’s a good idea to understand how these steam mops work

Although there are some differences in their work, many of their characteristics are the same. These are wired devices that use electricity to heat water. The mop base is covered with reusable pads and is usually machine washable. Pressing the handle or pulling the trigger releases steam in these pads. These gaskets collect dirt through steam through floor surfaces.

Contrary to popular belief, conventionalĀ best steam mop for hardwood floors usually do not disinfect floor surfaces. To disinfect, the mop head must be left for a certain time. For example, Bissell 1867 instructs users to leave the device in place for approximately fifteen seconds for disinfection. It will take a long time to disinfect a small room, such as the lobby, and let’s not even discuss how long it will take to increase the area!

In addition, these machines are not vacuum cleaners. Their design prevents them from collecting dirt particles. Vacuum or sweep the area before use. Sweeping or vacuuming immediately before use will also eliminate wear on reusable cleaning pads and prevent scratches on the floor surface.

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Steam mops ruin unsealed wooden floors. There have also been reports of damage to surfaces without wax. Contact the manufacturer of your floor to check if these types of steam cleaners are safe on them. It is a good idea to test a small area to make sure that it does not adversely affect your floor finish.

Steam mops use only water. If you feel like mixing detergent with water, do not do this! This will eventually ruin your cleaner and invalidate your warranty. Despite the fact that you can use tap water, most manufacturers recommend distilled water if the tap is hard or to extend the life of the filter.

Although you can save money by not buying expensive floor cleaning detergents, owning a steam mop is not without costs. You will need to periodically replace the cleaning pads, and you may also need to replace filters and other parts that can sometimes wear out.

In summary

In general, steam mops are an effective way to clean floors. However, keep your expectations realistic. It will not replace the commercial cleaning and sealing of the solution, nor will it make the old and worn linoleum new. However, it will work just as well as a bucket and a traditional mop, without the time-consuming complexity and work required by outdated methods.