The Iveria is one of the best residential buildings you can ever come across in Singapore today. This building is outstanding and you will enjoy residing here. It is located close to River Valley and has got all the amenities you can ever hope for in a residential building. It is 12-storey building and there are up to 33 residential units in it. You will also have access to so many facilities within the building and on the premises to make your life comfortable as a resident here in any of the residential units in this building. If you are looking for a reliable place to lodge in Singapore, you can come over to this building for paya lebar new condo.

Access to many amenities

The Iveria has so many amenities and each of them add more value to life of all the residents in the building. The car park and bicycle parking space are large enough to accommodate the vehicles of all the residents at once. The Iveria even has its generator set to provide consistent electricity for the building so that there will never be any issue of power failure.  There is also a swimming pool and it is accessible to all residents at this paya lebar new condo. The pool side deck is the perfect place to sit and watch the ongoing around you.  If you want to tan your skin also, you can simply go to the sun deck and bask in the glow of the sun.  Water supply is also consistent. As a result, The Iveria is not a place for ordinary accommodation, but also a place of unique entertainment of all residents.

The Iveria is not far from train stations and it is very close to many bus stations, including the Aft AA Ctr, Bef AA Ctr and NR6. Supermarkets are equally around the corner. You can shop conveniently at Fairprice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and Giant any time you like. All these supermarkets are just walking distance from the residential building. Aside from supermarkets, you can also shop at any of the shopping malls close to the building, some of which are Robertson Walk, UE Shopping Mall, UE Square, Orchard gateway and so on. None of the shopping malls are further than a walking distance from The Iveria.

Close to schools

Furthermore, the building is not far from preschool institutions so that your kids can attend school not too far from home. There are also many primary schools located close to the building. Secondary schools are equally not far away.  You can register your kids at the Catholic Junior College also, which is just about 3.3 km away from The Iveria.  Even tertiary institutions are not far from the building at all, a good example of which is The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, which is just about 0.6km away from The iveria.