If the room is filled with the same color walls, decorative materials, and other objects, then it will not attract people. To make the room attractive, the role of different colors is significant. But while painting the walls with different two colors, the point where the two colors met will be noticed as an unattractive one. Thus the single line of the meeting point of two colors also affects the attractiveness of the room. So to make the different color wall painting or wallpaper an inspiring one without exposing the meeting point as a flaw, the dado rail can be fixed. As the surbase block off will hide the meeting point, it will not be noted as an unattractive point or a flaw. Also, the design of the chair rails will enhance the look of the color combination and attractiveness of the room.

The homeowner can fix the surbase rails at any point of the wall. According to the design of the room interior, wallpaper design combo, and other aspects, the chair rails position will be decided. The position of the surbase rails may be at the top end, middle, or below the end of the wall. The position where the chair rails have to be fixed will be chosen based on the design of the room walls and interiors.

Some people will prefer to paint the ceiling and space above the surbase rails in the same color. So while painting a different color below the rails, the look of the room will be attractive. Similarly, the painting pattern of the room will change based on the design chosen by the homeowner. As well, they will choose the chair rails which design is suitable for the painting pattern they have chosen for their home.

dado rail

The position of the rails and the contrast color of the walls will perform a brilliant role in increasing the attractiveness of the room. So in addition to choosing the colors for the home walls, while choosing the rail designs also, the homeowner has to cautious. Because the wrong choice of the chair rails that is not suitable for the walls and colors will affect the room’s look.

Not only for placing in the middle point of the walls between different colors but the dado rail can also be placed in the wall where it is having the same color at the entire part of the room. Because while placing the chair rails, the room’s loveliness will enhance more. So the wall painting design may be whatever, the chair rails will assist to boost the pleasantness of the room in an attractive when it is fixed at the right point. So while desiring to increase the attractiveness of the room, the surbase rails can be used as a decorative object.