Have you ever heard of a king size bed ? It is one of the units of measure for mattresses and restful structures used .IIt is the extra large bed par excellence, the one we have seen in many Hollywood films, but having a structure and relative king size mattress at home even in Italy is anything but a chimera: just know the exact measurements and contact specialized retailers. or to the online stores to have a model of this type in your bedroom too. But what are the peculiar characteristics of the king size mattress ? Let’s find out together king size mattress singapore.


First of all, when we talk about products,  we know that the units of measurement often do not correspond to the European and Italian ones, so it is necessary to convert between inches and centimeters. Observing what the websites that deal with the matter report, in carrying out this conversion we have roughly what the measures for a king size mattress must be :

King size: 180 x 200cm

Super king size: 195/200 x 200cm

King Size Mattress Singapore

These are approximate measurements, but in general king size mattresses have all combinations ranging from 180 to 220 centimeters: contrary to what the average user usually thinks, the king size bed is by no means an expensive custom-made model, since all the manufacturers in the sector, even in Italy, have adapted to this type of request by producing mattresses, bed bases and beds of this size in series.

How should the bedroom be?

Certainly the extra large bed seems like a dream of comfort at hand, but the measures must be taken not only for bed bases and mattresses but also trivially for the bedroom, otherwise the risk is that the entire restful structure will not fit together with everything else: according to the calculations carried out by the experts, to have a king size bed in your own room it is necessary that it measures at least 14 square meters , a surface that takes into account the bed, the essential furniture with which the room is furnished, and the living space for a man and a woman to move freely inside.

The materials

There is no difference between the materials used for a king size mattress and another type of more standard model we are used to: you can find products in latex , memory foam , with springs and independent springs, synthetics with foam zones of differentiated lift, and so on. The choice in this case must be oriented according to your needs, weight, general comfort, if you suffer from allergic disorders and so on, but each manufacturer produces king size mattresses in all the manufacturing methods available on the market.