The whole mental of a gutter is incomplete without imagining it to be clogged with gunk and having difficulty removing it. Gutters play an integral part in the structural integrity of a home. They are responsible for removing dirty water and residues and improving the sanitation of the house. Gutters do not need a lot of upkeep but it makes sense to have them cleaned once in a while to ensure everything runs smoothly. A clogged gutter can be a nightmare come true for many as it might end up costing quite a lot of money to fix.

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Some of the signs that point to a clogged gutter:

  • A clogged gutter will have water logging which in turn can encourage bugs to lay their eggs in it and breed. To birds and other small pests, this is an ideal feeding ground and you will find them swarming about there.
  • If there are any internal blockages the entire flow system will be disrupted and water will not be able to freely pass through these. In such cases, one can observe water rundown leading to spillage from the sides of the gutter.
  • If you notice your gutters forming a curved shape it is likely sagging. A sagging gutter is a sign of clogging. The residue build-up reaches such a limit that the weight from this is bearing down on the metal and causing it to curve outwards.
  • Stains that appear out of nowhere are almost associated with some form of water damage. So, if you observe long stripes of staining that run down from the ceiling to the side of your home, you have a gutter clogging that is seeping in through these walls.
  • Plant growth can also be an indication of an underlying issue with your gutters. If you observe small tendrils unfurling from the top of your roof, chances are that the gutter has gotten jammed and the residue build-up is providing a conducive environment for the seedlings to grow on these.
  • If there is a foul odor that is coming from the roof of your home and you cannot remember what might be causing it, then gutter blockage can be the underlying reason. The residue build-up can often lead to bacterial growth and this breaks down the leaves and other organic matter that is collected in the gutter.

So, if you are inĀ San Antonio gutters are showing signs of being clogged, then getting a specialist to climb over to take a look and clean them out will be a good idea. A clean gutter ensures that your house stays in good condition for longer and looks to be in pristine shape.