Washing is one of the inevitable parts of household appliances. There are a huge variety of washing machines available that differs in terms of quality, features and load. For selecting the right one you have to consider many factors. Some of the major differentiating factors are given below.

  • Loading type: When you are choosing loading type, you can choose between a front loading washing machine and top load washing machine.
  • Function type: Depending on your budget and suits you can choose either the function of semi-automatic or fully automatic.
  • Capacity: There are small and large capacity washing machine available. You can choose depending on the size of your family members.

Types of washing machines:

Depending on the functions washing machines are classified into two types:

Semi-automatic washing machine:

This type of washing machine requires a lot of human intervention and manual work. Normally, the semi-automatic machine has two tubs one for washing and the other one for drying. Once washing is completed you have to move the clothes manually to the dryer. This machine is inexpensive and suits for the minimum members in the family.

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Fully automatic washing machine:

This machine makes the washing process fully automatic and the human intervention nominal. It has only one tub for both washing and drying. No need to pour water or move clothes from washer to dryer. All you have to do is to take out the clothes from a machine after the process is done. It is classified into two types depending on the clothes are loaded either from the top or front side.

As the name suggests, in a front-loading machine the clothe    s are loaded on the front side. This machine has advanced features like timer, hot water supply and advanced child lock. It gives better washing quality but highly expensive. On the other hand, in top load washing machine clothes are loaded from the top side. It has a fewer washer program compared to the front load machine. But they are easy to use and more economical. Within the small budget, you could get the few advanced features.

Washing machine capacity:

You can choose the washing machine depends on the number of people in your family. The capacity of clothes is measured in kilograms. Some require a lot of space like blankets, whereas jeans require a little space but it is weight material. So, fill the drums with a minimum amount of clothes so that it moves easily and gives better washing. Before buying a washing machine look for various features and the condition. Choose the one which is easy to handle with less maintenance. Depending on the factors choose the washing machine which suits you and the budget.