A bed is not only defined by its soft and bouncy mattress. It is only one of the factors that determine the quality of a bed. The other important factor is the cot itself. If the cot is not strong enough for the mattress and the people, then even the quality of the bed drops down. No one wants to have a bed that can fall apart at any given time.

A baby’s cot is especially far more different than our beds. The extra protection barriers on all four sides is a necessity in every baby cot. But is this the only thing to check while buying a baby cot sg?

The Strength Of The Frame

The framework of the cot should be strong enough to hold the baby and the baby accessories that will be hung on it. so, it is important to have the cot made in the right material. If you are buying it from a store, then buying a wooden one is a good choice. But just any local wooden cot will not do the job as well.

While buying the cot, make sure that it does not shake too much. Try shaking the protection barriers of the cot. If they shake, then it is not a good enough cot to protect your babies sleep.

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Locking System Of The Barrier

The lock on the barrier should not be too easy that the baby can open it, neither should it be too tough that the parent is unable to open it. Most of the cots have a common system of a latch. But if you do find other locks, you can go for it depending on the ease of its access.

Two thing to keep in mind here is that the baby should not be able to reach the lock. it should be within your reach and easy to access at a time of emergency. Even without any emergency, you should be able to open it without the fear of something happening to the cot.

Cot Accessories

This does not directly relate to buying a baby cot sg, but it is an essential part of baby furniture shopping. A few good accessories are the mosquito net and the tinkling clanks. You can attach the toy to the higher frame of the cot to keep the baby entertained. A mosquito net is essential to ensure that the baby is safe from these infectious insects.

A soft mattress is also a necessity in a baby cot. Have a happy baby furniture shopping!