By adding up all the costs incurred to build a house (with the exception of the land), it is possible to make a rough estimate that varies between 1,800 and 2,300 euros per square meter.

Choosing the materials, you will have to consider the costs, but also the quality and performance guaranteed by each one, sustainability and energy efficiency, always looking for the best possible compromise and avoiding that an economic material that is convenient today, does not become a cause of expenses. future for maintenance, repairs and replacements. For the choice of materials and suppliers it is important to always ask for different estimates new home builders in brighton.

Building a new house from scratch: how to do it. Here is the step by step guide

Building a new home : a dream that requires commitment, awareness, knowledge, patience on your part to become reality. And trust in the professionals who will support you who, if chosen with all the appropriate attention, will know how to repay it.

When you decide to build a house, you need to know all the fundamental steps. Nothing should be left to chance. Costs, design and construction phases, bureaucratic process, necessary documentation, type of technicians to contact: there are many aspects to be evaluated and issues to be explored.

The goal is to build the ideal home for you, the one that satisfies all your living comfort needs and reflects your lifestyle. And building a house from scratch allows you great freedom: you can define every single detail and shape it just as you imagine it.

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However, you must be aware that it will also give you quite a few thoughts. To turn the dream into reality you will have to start on the right foot and then take all the correct steps, relying on professionals with proven experience and competence. It is your home, it will most likely be the home of life, you cannot risk it turning into an odyssey of unexpected events, regrets and problems that will accompany you for the rest of your existence. It’s not true?

What is the budget for building your new home?

The budget to allocate is certainly one of the first aspects to take into consideration when deciding to build a new house from scratch. You can spend 1500 bucks per square meter to have a finished house of good quality (in energy class A4) but obviously you can also spend twice as much, and if you want and can, much, much more. There are many aspects that affect the price of the finished construction.

The cost of building a house depends on several factors, such as:

dimensions of the building envelope; location and trends of the real estate market;

design; cost of permits; labor; materials; construction techniques.