When it comes to tiny areas like patios, balconies, or courtyard gardens, using traditional lumber or hardwoods can be expensive and time-consuming, owing to the substantial annual upkeep required. However, adding composite decking is a terrific way to boost the use of your balcony timber decking space.

If your balcony is under 12 m, the balcony decking is perfect for residential and business applications, whether installing decking for the first time or looking for a low-maintenance composite decking alternative to replace worn-out wood boards. The balcony floor is non-slip and suitable for use without shoes.

balcony timber decking

How the process goes?

With standard woodworking tools and no need for specialized techniques, WPC terrace decking is simple to install. The items come with our unique concealed fasteners for a surface that is gentle to bare feet and devoid of exposed threaded fasteners. Their composites’ characteristics make them much more durable and adaptable than wooden balcony decking boards.

Because they prioritize safety during the design phase, they also build the balcony deck with excellent slip resistance. These boards don’t become soggy because of the characteristics of our designed composites. This prevents the formation of algae, mold, and mildew that can make decking slick and ugly, in addition to the mold inhibitor we employ. It is the ideal addition to your house because it combines the benefits of engineered composites with the appealing appearance of wood. They are appropriate for use on balconies with aluminum bearers, which may also be utilized with adjustable pedestals for simple height adjustment. Please make sure to select the system that best fits your threshold clearance.


MyDek’s first high-performance decking board. Customers that want fantastic quality, great value, and exceptional performance choose the Vista board because it is reliable, unwavering, and has a timeless, sleek aesthetic. In addition to its straightforward mounting method for quick and precise installation, the unique hidden clip mechanism also makes it possible for boards to be put into place and withdrawn quickly and easily if necessary.


Innova will offer a compliance solution in various standard colors for your semi-decking needs. The safe clip system, complete with its straightforward fixing procedure for quick and precise installation, enables boards to be fastened to the Support Networks. With a coating that meets Qualicoat Class 1 requirements, Innova will look excellent for years to come. These are the best things you should use.