The smart home has converted the most thrilling space in technology – so far no-one has been covering the space in the way it deserves. That is whereverthe cozyhouse derives in. The cozyhouse is intended to be the first plus last word in the smart home-based. We are devoted to clarifying this new world of linked home technology.

Cozyhouseis here toward test and review the finest gear on the marketplace, clarify how to acquire your smart home up plus running, and display you how to get the maximum from it. And, possibly most prominently, we will be charting what is next.

Cozyhouseis a champ of worthy home tech. Experiences that appearance good, feel worthy and add toward your home. It does not have to be linked – we are championing any way technology could make our life well.


At cozyhousewe are committed toward recommending the finest in smart home technology – plus that means analysis things properly.

So we work a little contrarily to the normal tech reviews site. Testing smart home technology is frequentlyhard: it takes time, could be troublesome to set up and because of the fragmented state of smart home tech, doesnot always work together.

At cozyhousewe have a host of diverse set ups built not simply to test tech – but live it.

First, we use devices longstanding, somewhat than bashing out reviews in underneath a week. And while the review is issued that is not the completion of the story – as ecologies evolve via updates, we will update our reviews on how it alters the experience.

Our review procedure starts from the instant a device is ordered, grade the installation experience whereverexpert fitting is required, toward the home set up, plus of course, the tech itself.

We have also reconsidered out the way we work purchaser’s guides. While we list the “finest” devices – these have all been verified by our professional team. We will be calling out the devices that are finest suited to diverseneeds – as our smart homes are not just one-size-fits-all, let alone our financial plan.

At cozyhouse we are tired of tech being an addition in publics’ home verdict. Just as we are tired of tech being an eye-sore in publics’ homes

We struggle to be the expert on smart home technology as well as help persons to understand and purchase the correct devices for them, navigate the problem of standards plus represent the smart household as a lifestyle category.