If we asked “ what are awnings for? ”Probably many will think that the answer is obvious and the name itself says so: to protect from the sun !

This is certainly true but the protection guaranteed by solar shields has other very important advantages for a home in terms of comfort , aesthetics and even savings replacement picture windows in San Antonio.

The Advantages And Usefulness Of Awnings

1) Natural light and shade when needed

Installing solar shading allows us to create shaded areas during the moments of the day when the sun is more intense , when some parts of the house (think of a table placed directly next to a window) in the summer become really difficult to live in. .

Through an awning we can avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays without having to lower roller shutters or shutters , thus losing much of the brightness and the possibility of looking at the outside space. Similarly, on days with little sunshine we can withdraw the awnings and make the best use of natural light to illuminate our home.

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2) Protection of fixtures, windows and furniture even inside

Direct exposure to the sun’s rays and other atmospheric agents has direct consequences on the facades of buildings, on balconies and on furniture : not only the outdoor ones placed on the balcony but also those inside a room exposed to the sun for many hours during the day.

Protecting furnishing elements or structural elements of the house (let’s think about windows) from direct sunlight helps them to keep their appearance and functionality intact for longer.

3) Energy saving in summer and winter

Awnings are among the deductible expenses thanks to the 50% Ecobonus precisely because they contribute to improving the energy efficiency of a home .

On the hottest days, their use allows you to keep the house cool and ventilated without the need to use air conditioning or fans to lower the temperature; on cold days, however, by retracting the curtains we allow the sun to heat the house in a natural way without having to increase the heating.

4) Aesthetics and class

By now, awnings are designed not only to be durable and functional but also to be beautiful to the eye and to be able to combine with the most diverse and modern styles: choosing the most suitable solar shading is now a real matter of taste and design.