The office chair should be height-adjustable and rotatable, as well as an adjustable backrest. In addition, it should be built so that it cannot tip over. When choosing the right ergonomic computer chair, you should pay attention to the correct sitting time. The quality level of an office chair can be roughly measured by specifying the recommended sitting time per day. When buying, pay attention to information on the length of time you sit. In online one can  find this in the description with the specifications as well as next to the product picture.

Office chairs for a  sitting time of no more than 4 hours a  day are appropriate in terms of the quality and the demands of the sitting time and are usually significantly cheaper than the professionally usable chairs with a longer sitting time. They have standard equipment such as a rocker mechanism, comfortable upholstery, armrests – often with fabric or mesh.

For everyday office life and the professional office, it is advisable to choose office chairs and executive chairs with a recommended  seating time of 8 hours  . An office chair with professional equipment can easily be individually adjusted to your body needs: lumbar support, synchronous mechanism and a seat depth or seat tilt adjustment as well as multi-adjustable armrests and headrest. These office chairs are usually equipped with high-quality and abrasion-resistant fabrics. The ergonomic upholstery offers maximum comfort even during a long working day.

ergonomic computer chair

Before buying chair look for these :

  • The chair must be height-adjustable
  • High, easily adjustable backrest with lumbar support
  • The backrest can be locked in any position if necessary
  • Synchronous mechanism with a large angle of inclination
  • The seat must be anatomically designed
  • The seat depth can be adjusted individually
  • Adjustment option for the seat inclination
  • Automatic adjustment to the weight or easily adjustable counter pressure
  • Armrests are adjustable in height, depth and width
  • Automatic adjustment to the weight or easily adjustable counter pressure
  • Armrests are adjustable in height, depth and width
  • Cover should be breathable and antistatic
  • Easy, intuitive usability of the chair
  • Stability

For chronic back and disc problems, experts recommend orthopedic office chairs . In addition, orthopedic models have adjustable armrests and, depending on the model, also have a headrest. An orthopedic desk chair follows the natural movements of the user on all sides. In this way, the dynamic sitting recommended for back and intervertebral disc problems is supported. The intervertebral discs are spared by relieving the load on the spine.